‘Knightfall’ – Preview


If the perfect mix for a film is action-adventure, mystical characters and some ancient legends thrown in, then the History Channel have succeeded with their upcoming show scheduled for fall 2017. Jeremy Renner (‘Thor’, ‘Avenger’s’) is the executive producer, and sometime cast member.  According to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, We thought since Star Wars began at the end, with the end of the Jedi Knights, and since George Lucas used the Knights Templar as an inspiration for the Jedi, we could start at the end as well,” said Richard Rayner, who co-created the series with Don Handfield’.  A 10-episode season, filmed in the Czech republic and boasting a multi-million dollar budget promises a ‘Game of Thrones’ extravaganza Templar-style.

‘Knightfall’ is set in the medieval world of the most famous Crusaders of all time. The elite force that made up the warrior-monks of the Order of Solomon’s Temple, or as most people know them, the Knights Templars.

Inside the Brotherhood

The series goes inside this legendary brotherhood and reveals the hidden world of the Templars whose specialised knights were at the forefront of the Crusades for 200 years. They vanished completely in just one day, the ill-fated Friday the 13th, 1307. The wealth and power of the Templars led them to clash with the Pope and King Philip of France who joined together and conspired to destroy them.  The main character Sir Landry (below) played byknightfall-feat-480x279 Tom Cullen (‘Downton Abbey’), is a Templar having a crisis of faith. Reinvigorated by rumours that the Holy Grail has been found, the most treasured relic of Christianity, it is the sacred quest of the Templars – and his own personal obsession to find it. Tancrede, a veteran Templar is played by Simon Merrells (‘Spartacus’), Parsifal, played by Bobby Schofield, joins the Order seeking revenge. Gawain is played by Padraic Delaney, King Phillip by Ed Stoppard, and the feisty Queen Joan of France by Olivia Ross. Additional cast includes Jim Carter as Pope Clement V and Sam Hazledine plays the Master Knight Templar Godfrey.

Templar Trials

This show will have a huge appeal since the fascination of the Knight Templars runs deep. Historians, Conspiracy Theorists, Knight Templar fans and, dare I say it, members of Secret Societies will all look forward to this series. The real-life mysteries that have surrounded the Order have only deepened with time.  The Templars claimed in their records, to have found some mysterious object of power in the vaults of Solomon’s Temple, their headquarters in Jerusalem. Whatever they found, suddenly they became the richest Order in the world. This is the background to Dan Brown’s novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’, and yet another enigma that has passed into legend. Even ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ succumbed to the lore of the Guardians of the Grail.The real-life achievements of the Order are as astonishing as the plotting behind their downfall.  Inventing banking, owning huge tracts of land, with tremendous financial resources the Order seemed impregnable. Manufacturing, import/export, owning a fleet of ships, and at one point the entire island of Cyprus modern sources credit them as ‘arguably the first multinational corporation’.  We can look forward to superb costumes and sets, historical authenticity, epic battles, swordplay, mystery, betrayal and treacherous villains. Although they were monks, probably a bit of sex will liven things up.  All played out upon the background of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, survival and the quest for the ultimate prize, the Grail itself.


Author: Ciarri Winter

I am a writer, musician, performer, singer/songwriter, copywriter, medievalist and theologian.

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