California Adventure Summer Of Heroes

Summer of Heroes
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Have you ever had a panic attack after meeting an alien tree? No? Just me? Kay! I usually do a self care/ Treat yo self trip to Disneyland a year and this year I opted for California Adventure instead because I am a sucker for all things Marvel and they are premiering their new Guardians Of The Galaxy ride: MISSION BREAKOUT. And thus that was the first ride that I got on ( Theme park hack: do the most popular rides first or get those fast passes first) It was a mere 70 minute wait where I admired Disney’s epic attention to detail, like how everything from the lights to the plants surrounding the ride are outta this world plus from the line we could watch the Guardian dance off, a cool mini show where Star Lord and Gamora enlist the crowd to help them in an intergalactic dance off. The tunes to that show were legit but I do think they missed out on an epic chance to play the soundtrack while we waited in line that would have made the line experience way better. Before you get to the ride you walk through the Collectors archive and see some real cool Avengers artifacts and noticeably Spacedog, again Disney nails it with the details like how in his box there are paw prints in the inside of the glass. I spent the actual ride laughing and getting covered in my own coffee. This ride is different from The Tower of Terror in that instead of a straight drop it goes up and down a couple of times. It is mostly narrated by Rocket but all the Guardians are present. I did not get much of the story line because I was too busy dying laughing at the fact that my friend an adult woman was grabbing the random teenage kid sitting next to her by the collar during the ride, She did apologize to him at the gift shop where we reunited as we looked at the screens  where there was picture evidence. The gift shop was epic with a ton of Guardians and Avengers merch including Spider-man. I bought a cool hoodie with all the Guardians and cassette tapes. After we stopped by the concession stand located a few feet from the ride for the Instagram famous Groot bread, but became much more fascinated by the fact that they sold Avengers themed alcoholic drinks with light up cubes. We passed on the drinks because it was 11am but later came back for them and watched the Avengers Training Initiative a show where you sign up your kids to participate like the Jedi training in Disneyland. The audience was all parents and then two random adult women sipping on Margaritas. It was a fun show where Hawkeye and Black Widow lead the group of kids trough Avengers training and then fight an undercover Hydra spy. We then waited in line to take an interactive quiz to find out what hero qualities you posses, I don’t remember what one I got all I remember was that one of the questions asked you to choose an animal and Honey Badger was an option and I will always choose Honey Badger because Honey Badger Don’t care, and that’s what I chose to talk about when I met captain America for a picture later in the day a viral video from 2011 because we are both apparently that dorky. I fangirled so hard with Cap he was so tall and heroic and awesome. Across from where you waited for Captain America they were doing free face painting and that is how I ended up with a tiny Star Lord on my cheek the rest of the day. It was really hot so we stopped at another stand and bought the most adorable baby Groot cup and then went in to a nearby theater that showed clips of different Superhero movies we had already seen, yet it was still somehow incredibly amazing. The last Super thing we did was wait in line to meet Groot and it was hands down the best moment of my life he was so huge and amazing for one moment We were Groot.


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