Oculus Rift Receives $200 Discount, Making Current-Gen VR Gaming A $399 Possibility

summer of riftOculus Rift is a name many have come to associate with the advent of present-gen VR gaming, and they’re not wrong; with its first crowdfunded release, it changed the world of gaming and spurred competitors like Google and Steam to work for a share of the growing VR market. Still, adoption has been slow, especially compared to some of its competitors; in 2016 shipments of VR units, the Oculus Rift only beat out Google Daydream, a primarily smartphone-based VR headset. This put it far behind Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Playstation VR, and the HTC Vive.

In order to combat this lack of sales, it seems, Oculus has decided to offer a steep $100 discount on the price tag of not only the Rift headset, but also the Touch controllers when a consumer buys them together, coming down from $499 and $99 respectively to $399 total.

If you haven’t heard of the Touch controllers, they’re Oculus’s response to the HTC Vive’s wireless handheld controllers, which gave users a greater level of interaction in their virtual reality world than Oculus Rift was able to offer. Now, with these controllers, Rift is expected to again take first place in VR experience, but perhaps not for long; it’s rumored that a haptic, glove-type controller is in the works for the Vive.

HTC Vive
Rift’s main competitor: The HTC Vive

Oculus has also recently released lower minimum specs for using their VR headset/controller combo, making it less of a financial burden for consumers to enjoy the Rift, the details of which can be found here. Previously consumers could expect to spend in excess of at least $1000, but according to an article on Radeon.com, Oculus has given the go-ahead on a $499 CyberPower build. If this is true, consumers who take advantage of the current sale could get a full VR setup at an extremely low price point of $900.

Overall, this temporary price reduction is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get the most advanced setup of available VR tech while still staying within a reasonable budget. But don’t wait too long, as the Rift/Touch combo will return to its $600 bundle price after 6 weeks.


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