Who Should Sony Cast For Carnage

With Sony announcing a development of a Venom film with Tom Hardy as the title character, we are left to speculate who will be the film’s villain. Venom has a rich and deep history with Carnage and will almost certainly be the film’s villain.  Here are five actors Sony should look at to bring Carnage to life and would be able to hold their own on screen with Tom Hardy.

1)Eamon Farren


Farren has made quite the impression with viewers on the revival of Twin Peaks. Despite only being on a few episode his character Farren has grabbed our attention with his sinister portrayal of  Richard Horne. Farren is still a “unknown” actor and a role in Venom could be his breakout role.DBiFNTXV0AArRUS

2)Paul Dano

Paul Dano is one of those actors who is truly underrated despite a long impressive resume. He has starred in countless classic films and a very talented actor who gets lost in his roles. Dano would do wonders in a comic book role and bring something special to the role.  paul-dano-joins-cockpit-set-7500

3)Jason Flemyng

Flemying is an actors who has the unfortunate of being a Bruce Campbell type. In the sense of having small roles in big films or big roles in small films. However, he still remains to be a wonderful character actor who has a history of stealing the screen when present. Watch his performance in Bruiser and you’ll see why Flemying should be considered for Carnage.

download (1)

4) Jesse Plemons

Plemons gave us one of the most member villains in the Breaking Bad saga as Todd. Plemons brought a sense of evil and a pair of dead eyes when paying Todd. He gave such a great performance from his character debut to his death in the serious final. jesse-plemons-hostiles

5) Matt Smith

Smith was given an unfortunate role in Terminator Genisys which wasted his potential as a villain. However, I feel that the both the MCU and Smith have a lot to gain if cast as Carnage. No denying that the MCU has had some lackluster villains but with Kurt Russell and Michael Keaton, it seems that Marvel is correcting that ship. Sony should take note and follow that with a memorable villain performance out of  Smith.Matt-Smith-2016-Mr-Porter-Photo-Shoot-008



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