Top 5 Superman Moments on Screen

With Justice League coming out this November, DCEU big wig Geoff Johns has promised monumental things from not only all the members of the Justice League but most importantly the man of steel himself, Superman.

“Get ready to revise your lists” was what Johns tweeted in response to a top 5 Superman moments list. So with that in mind we polled folks to see what was everybody’s favorite onscreen Superman moments in live action films.  With 10 films to choose from there are many moments which could have made the list, but the ones listed below appeared the most often.  Sit back and enjoy!

Flight – Man of Steel (2013)

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was our first look at Henry Cavill as the Kryptonian orphan sent to earth by his birth parents before the destruction of their planet.  In fact, this scene is also our first look at Cavill as Superman in full regalia after he has met his biological father Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and learned the fate of his people and home planet of Krypton.  As Kal-El emerges from the ship and takes in the moment for the first time as his true self, Hans Zimmer’s amazing score kicks in and with the help of Crowe’s gripping voice-over, Kal takes off into the air for his first flight.  The following few minutes are a wonder to behold and showed up most on people’s lists…

Helicopter Scene – Superman (1978)

The second most mentioned scene is another “first look” but this time it’s Christopher Reeve’s revered Superman saving daring reporter Lois Lane and the crowd below from a falling Helicopter and Lois herself.  Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie ranks high on folks superhero movies lists and it’s scenes such as this one that are the reason why.  It’s a beautifully shot night scene and the delivery of such lines as, “you’ve got me?  Who’s got you?” by Margot Kidder make this an all-timer.  There was a certain emphasis applied here as this would be the first time we see Supes’ in action, in colour on the big screen, and this scene is so incredibly well constructed it’s amazing how well it holds up 40 years later…

Airplane Scene – Superman Returns (2006)

Glad to see this scene from Bryan Singers’ much maligned Superman Returns show up more than few times.  While Brandon Routh’s take on Superman left most feeling cold, there were some visually wonderful shots and scenes to take in.  Once again, it’s Supes’ first appearance in action that highlights his superhuman qualities and prevents a plane full of reporters and passengers from crashing into a baseball stadium after a serious malfunction.  This scene is quite exhilarating and shows off his speed and strength and finishes it off with a golly-gee moment when he delivers a public service announcement to the less than thrilled survivors.  Other than a re-introduction for Superman to Metropolis after being gone for 5 years, it serves no purpose to the narrative, which frees it up to simply showcase his abilities…

Superman vs Zod – Man of Steel

This epic battle between General Zod played by Michael Shannon and Superman in Man of Steel has fans divided with it’s conclusion and the way Supes’ dispatches Zod.  It’s no spoiler at this point, but the way he breaks Zod’s neck to save a group of Metropolis citizens had fans upset, since they appeared to break Kal’s longtime position of not fatally wounding his adversaries.  Which ever side you fall on, you can’t deny this scene is epic in scope and features some of the best action we’ve seen on film from a comic book franchise.  For many, it finally displayed the full breath of abilities that Superman is capable of while allowing us a front row seat to a maturing process not seen before.  Few point out that it mirrors the downtown fight scene in Superman 2 where he also fights Zod and his team while trying to minimize damage and save lives.


Clark Catches Bullet – Superman: The Movie

In one of the more light-hearted moments on the list, we see Kal as Clark Kent this time, getting to display some of his abilities.  While leaving the Daily Planet, Lois and Clark get forced into an alley at gun-point by a would be mugger and in a panic the shooter fires but instead of hitting Lois, Clark blocks and catches the bullet in his hand.  It happened so fast, that normal folks wouldn’t see it and Clark does a great job of “pretending” to faint as to not draw any attention to himself.  Lois’s reaction in this scene is great as she is disappointed but thoughtful of Clark’s apparent cowardice and anxiety.  A great moment for Christopher Reeve as well.


There you have it, the top 5 as voted on by fans.  There were many other scenes mentioned as well but none more than these.   I’ve listed the honorable mentions for you to look at and keep an eye out for my Top 5 Batman scenes!

Honorable Mentions:  Batman fight (BvS), Superman downtown battle (Superman 2), Nuke Scene (BvS), Saving Metropolis (Superman Returns), Smallville (MoS)…

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