Before we begin talking about this weeks episode, I need to admit something to you, I, Niles Hougaboom, accidentally told you, in last weeks catch up article, something happened in episode six and I meant to tell you the opposite actually happened. If you recall, episode six is where the guys are trying to find a company to be their first customer’s and Richard ends up sleeping with the CTO’s wife of the insurance company they are approaching (FGI). Well, I wrote that they didn’t make a deal with them when they actually did. My apologies, dear reader.

Now, all of that is important because of what happened in this week’s episode. Get comfy and let’s get right to it.

Photo Source: Silicon Valley, HBO

Due to the spike in insurance claims brought on by the unusual cold streak, FGI has been using a lot more data than our guys at Pied Piper had expected. This in turn results in a stupidly high bill from their data storage provider. Richard decides they need to try to get another client to pay off the debt from the first, which is pointed out to him by Dinesh “that’s like getting a new credit card to pay for your old credit card”. Richard approaches Erlich, who Keenan Feldspar (played by the kid who sees dead people) put in his contract that Erlich was his key man, which basically means that if Laurie and Monica decided to fire Erlich, Keenan and his company would be out as well, to see if they could pitch their idea to Feldspar.

Meanwhile Richard thinks that VR is just a fad, but Dinesh and Gilfoyle really love it. While Richard and Jared are pitching to Feldspar Dinesh and Gilfoyle try the demo. They eventually convince Richard to try, but he ends up puking. Dinesh and Gilfoyle end up staying the entire weekend at Feldspar’s place to play with the VR some more. When Richard comes over again to meet with Feldspar and finds the pair dressed in matching pajamas. While they were there all weekend they integrated Pied Pipers compression algorithm to the VR. It works so well that when Richard tries the VR again it did not make him sick. This makes Feldspar offer to acquire Pied Piper, which Richard does not want to make happen so he makes a counter offer of $25 million. Feldspar originally says that he can’t do that, but after switching from Bream/Hall to Raviga, and to make that all possible Erlich resigned from Bream/Hall. After some opening up from Feldspar Richard agrees. FINALLY!!! OUR BOYS ARE RICH!

Photo Source: Silicon Valley, HBO

Meanwhile at Hooli, Jack Barker is getting ready for his first Hoolicon as CEO, when he finds out that his Maleant storage box is two quarters away from being ready and Hoolicon is only a week away. Barker needs a miracle to pull this one off.

Richard goes to talk to Monica about them taking the deal with Feldspar, but Monica warns him that the VR isn’t that good and that he is walking into a trap. The demo is great, but there isn’t much after that. She tells him that Feldspar will use the demo to continue getting more money until it runs out of steam, but promises that she will fund them if they can get their decentralized internet on a sufficient number of cell phones. Richard realizes that he has to refuse the offer. Back to being broke.

Before he can decline the offer he is informed that Feldspar has moved on from the Raviga deal and signing with Hooli (That son of a bitch). This leaves Erlich, literally and figuratively, out in the cold. I am not ashamed to admit that this episode almost made me cry.

Photo Source: Silicon Valley, HBO

After texting him telling him the deal is off, Richard learns that Feldspar has signed with Hooli, abandoning Ehrlich in the process. Richard decides to enter Hooli-Con, Hooli’s tech conference, to put Monica’s challenge into practice. Seeing their commercial for HooliCon Richard hatches a plan put Monica’s challenge into practice.

Finally, there is apparently a fan made website that will allow you to register for HooliCon, but whenever I go to the website it requires a password. If anyone know’s how to get into the website please let me know.