Teeth was released to theaters in 2007 and was directed by Michael Lichtenstein. The movie is based on the urban legend of vagina Dentata. Vagina Dentata is an urban legend about a woman who discovers that her vagina has teeth and accidentally bites of the penis of her lover or rapist depending on the myth. The myth seems to be designed to discourage premarital sex and rape. Teeth made 2, 350 ,641 dollars worldwide and 347, 578 domestically. Overall the movie was a flop even for a low-budget movie.

Picture comes from horrornews.net

The story begins with Dawn O’Keeffe who is the teenage spokeswoman for a Christian Chastity group called Promise. One day after speaking at one of the meetings for Promise Dawn meets Tobey who she is instantly attracted to.

Tobey and Dawn decided to meet up at a lake where they begin kissing. Gwen becomes uncomfortable and begins to leave when Tobey tries to rape her. During the rape, her vagina grows teeth and bites of Tobey penis. Reasonable distort by the attempted rape and the realization that she has vagina teeth Dawn leaves Tobey to bleed to death.

She goes to a doctor to find out what they happen and he tries to rape her with his fingers only to have them bitten off by her vagina. It is her that she learns she has that her vagina has teeth and that her condition is only curable if a hero can conquer her.

She tells her friend Ryan and they start having sex. She finds out mid-sex that Ryan made a bet that he could sleep with her and her vagina bits his dick off. Now thoroughly fed up with men using her and abusing her she decides to embrace her condition.

Her first target for revenge was her step-brother who sexual abuse her friend and attacked her father. She has sex with him and then use her condition to bit off his dick and then proceeds to feed it to his dog. The movie ends with her leaving town and hitch hiking. The man in the truck asks for a sexual favor before she leaves and the movie ends with her smiling.

Where to begin… Dawn is a Christian girl who is repeatedly sexually assaulted by the men in her life and who avenges herself through sexually castrating her rapists. In order for her to avenge herself against these rapists, she has to give away another piece of who she is. Although the movie does not speak to it specifically it hints at that Dawn’s religious beliefs is what gets her into trouble.

She is perhaps one of the most sought after women at her school and every guy wants to sleep with her. She believes that the people she encounters share her beliefs not realizing that the men are using her own beliefs against her to prey on her.

Throughout the movie Dawn is sexual assaulted and only overcomes these attack through the use of her vagina teeth. The very act of castration by vagina teeth essential throws away the beliefs that we so important to her at the beginning of the film to overcome her situation.

This is a horrible message to send to young women who are the victims of sexually assault. Women should not have to compromise their beliefs to feel empowered after a traumatic event.

The movie essential reduces a rape victim to a perverse sexual object of castration. The movie seems to trivialize rape and the experience of the victim in the movie. The frequency at which rape happens in this movie distracts the audience from its horror.

Moral of the Story: Do not rape women or their vagina will bite your penis off.













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