Riverdale Season 2: What We Know So Far

With Riverdale’s second season slowly looming over the horizon like a Blossom in search of drug money, let’s go over what we know so far! (Obvious spoilers for Season 1!)

Picture Source: Riverdale – The CW/Netflix

Used to making sure your evenings are free every Thursday? Time to rearrange your week; Riverdale has swapped slots with Arrow on The CW and will air on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. this upcoming fall! (Netflix watchers will just have to wait, as usual.) Wait, did you say ‘fall’? That’s right! No more waiting until January for Season 2 — we can expect more syrupy goodness sometime between August to October*! While starting at the start of the TV season implies a longer stretch of episodes than Season 1’s mid-season 13, the rumours are unconfirmed so we’ll just have to wait it out and see!

*UPDATE: Marisol Nichols, actress of Hermione Lodge, has confirmed via Twitter that the new season will air on October 11th, 2017!

Picture Sources: Riverdale – The CW/Netflix

While thankfully none of our lead cast members are exiting this season — that we know of; please keep Luke Perry on the lineup! — two recurring characters are getting promoted to the bigwig roster! At least we know Kevin Keller and FP Jones are sticking around a while longer, as Casey Cott and Skeet Ulrich have been given raises to join the credits as main characters.

Picture Sources: Alberto E. Rodriguez – Getty Images/Archie Comics/Justin Sullivan Photography

With some new characters teased, we can say hello to Mark Consuelos as shady business tycoon and Veronica’s daddy Hiram Lodge, and a casting call is already underway for the eldest Cooper child, Betty’s long-lost brother Chic. However, as Ross Butler unfortunately could no longer reprise his role as Reggie Mantle due to his 13 Reasons Why time commitments, actor/model/hunk Charles Melton has stepped in to give Reg more much-needed screen-time!

Picture Sources: Dazed Magazine/Archie Comics/Tiger Beat Magazine

Sorry, nope. Despite rumours of Dove Cameron, Chloë Grace Moretz and every other young blonde starlet out there being set to play her, there’s no hard evidence yet that Greendale’s Sabrina Spellman (the teenage witch!) will be making her debut this season. However, showrunner and creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa hasn’t ruled the possibility out, and has hinted and implied that she may show! It’s been said that she was planned but cut out of the Season 1 finale to pace the episode better, so keep your eyes peeled… something wicked may this way come!

Picture Source: Riverdale – The CW/Netflix

Mmmmaaaybe? RAS has stated that exploring the Afterlife with Archie arc would be something he’s open to, but, along with Sabrina the teenage witch, supernatural elements haven’t really had any presence in the show yet. If this is the case, expect the show to leap from Twin Peaks to Supernatural territory, with zombies and ghouls galore!

Picture Source: Riverdale – The CW/Netflix

One thing that is noted for next season, however, is that Archie will become a much darker soul and more heavily involved in the mystery this time around (the shooting of his dad) due to his personal connection to it. Whether Fred lives or dies (but please, please live), we’re not sure if we’re ready for Archie to do even more stupid things.

Picture Source: Archie Comics

What, you thought the comics’ timeless Archie-Betty-Veronica triangle would never rear its ugly head? Archie’s budding feelings for Betty — despite his relationship with Ronnie — was definitely teased at the end of last season, and the writers have confirmed it will be a larger part of the new season this time around. But what does this mean for Bughead? How will rival Reggie play into the mix? DON’T RUIN MY LIFE, RIVERDALE.

Though not much is yet known, one thing is for certain: we’re in for a crazy ride. While you’re at it, stay tuned to The Game of Nerds for all of your Riverdale recaps, news, articles and fun stuff!


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