Wonder Woman – What’s Next?

Okay, we can all breath now that the moment has passed and Wonder Woman is out there in the ether for all to enjoy, and a huge success.  It’s safe to say the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, save a few callous individuals, and we can start to look forward to what’s next for everyone’s favorite princess.

When we last saw her it was modern day Paris and she was reminiscing about her true love Steve Trevor thanks to a very thoughtful gift from none other than Mr. Bruce Wayne before springing into action once again.  But there’s the 100 years that had passed since the events in Wonder Woman took place that have yet to be explored and worth discussing.

We already know about the events in Batman v Superman and we have a pretty good idea about what’s going down this fall when Justice League hits theatres.  But what can we expect outside of those two movies for Diana and will those in between years get explored at all?

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Thankfully, but not unexpectedly, Gadot and Jenkins are both signed for a sequel should one be made and that seems inevitable at this point.  That doesn’t guarantee Jenkins will return, its just a formality studios do in case follow ups need to be fast tracked.

Before Wonder Woman debuted, the studio confirmed a sequel is in the works but there is no script yet.  This news along with the signings comes from a Hollywood Reporter article that profiled the films release and spoke with the key players.  Mentioned in the article are plans for Wonder Woman 2 which, contrary to previous reports, would not be a period piece again but would take place in a more contemporary setting.

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Jenkins openly discusses ideas for a sequel…

“I’m excited for her to come to America and become the Wonder Woman we are all familiar with from having grown up around her as an American superhero. I’d like to bring her a little farther along into the future and have a fun, exciting storyline that is its own thing. Wonder Woman 1 is so much about her becoming the person she is. I can’t wait to spring forward with who she is and have another great standalone superhero film.”

That would indicate she’s returning to the Wonder Woman universe but the bigger news  is the idea of Wonder Woman 2 being set in the current day which makes sense for several reasons.  This first film serves as an origin story for the iconic character so the decision to go back to the World War I era made a lot of sense ascetically and from a hero’s journey standpoint.  The events in this film play into Diana’s evolution of a hero and who she is as a person by the time we see her in Batman v Superman.  Logically I suppose, by pushing forwards and not backwards, she can continue to evolve towards the Justice League films and beyond. This in the end will serve her story much better than to retread back to somewhat familiar territory.

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As for scheduling, who knows at this point but Warner Bros. will want to book a date soon in an already crowded next 4 years.  We know Justice League 2 comes out June 14, 2019 so it’s likely we won’t see Diana alone on screen before that happens so end of that year or early 2020 seems the more plausible time.

As for potential storylines?  Way too early to tell and there are so many villains Wonder Woman has faced over her 75 years in both solo adventures and her Justice League team ups.  The hero’s first ever reoccurring villain, Paula von Gunther remains popular or how about Maxwell Lord who’s appeared in the Rebirth series?  It’s unlikely they’ll go with more Greek mythology since they just featured Ares but there are plenty to choose from should they decide to go that route.  If I was a betting man, my money would be on Cheetah, currently Barbara Minerva, but like I said, it’s too early to tell.

Lucky for us we get to see Diana again this fall in Justice League and then again in Justice League 2 two years from now.  That’ll have to do for now until we hear more from WB and DC…in the meantime, just watch Wonder Woman a few hundred more times to tide you over.

Till next time…

Editors Note:  Despite earlier reports, Patty Jenkins is in fact not signed on for a sequel at this point.





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