Weekend Box Office May 26-28

With the end of the long weekend approaching, new comers Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Baywatch were looking to knock Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Alien: Covenant from the top spots.

Pirates performed a little under predictions domestically for a $230 million budgeted film but expects to make up that difference on the international scene.  It’s on track to be the poorest performing in the series but should still make a nice profit for the Johnny Depp led juggernaut.  Baywatch on the other hand delivered as expected but is still somewhat disappointing considering the weight the brand carries and star Dwayne Johnson’s box office clout these days.  Globally, it should fare much better but still no where near Johnson’s other big release, The Fate of the Furious which crossed $1 billion this weekend worldwide.

Most surprising is that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is still going strong in it’s fourth week of release ($783 million worldwide) and did manage to steal second place from Baywatch.  Still, it’s slowing down, and the once $1 billion sure thing isn’t looking as guaranteed anymore.  Alien: Covenant had a massive 70%+ drop in only it’s second weekend but still managed fourth place and WB’s Everything, Everything rounded out the top 5.

This of course all changes next week with the release of WB’s Wonder Woman and Fox’s animated Captain Underpants: The First Epic movie which also opens wide.  Excitement for the Gal Gadot led Wonder Woman has reached a fever pitch and early reviews are very positive.  Early tracking has it opening to $65 million domestically but don’t be surprised to see that number climb to $90 – $95 million if that positive energy holds.

Box Office



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