Take One Improv: What I thought!

The nerdiest improvisational group I’ve ever heard of, Take One Improv graced Yellow City Comic Con with their presence just a couple of weeks ago and they. were. AMAZING. The cast and crew are, by every definition, absolute professionals, and knew exactly what they had to do to have their audiences laughing. So without further ado, I present the names behind the company!

  • Cory Phillips
  • Aaron Bushong
  • Roger Connelly II
  • Jason Daughtery
  • Miguel Dooley
  • Chad Forte
  • John Gerhardt
  • Tiffany Gutierrez
  • Pallas Johnson
  • Katie Kochelek
  • Kelly Lawson
  • Paul Neal
  • Kate Snipes
  • Pam Murphy
  • Sarah Hawkins
  • Luke Gaither
  • David Riley
  • Suzanne Seallan
Doing the skit
The Cast Performing! – YC3 2017

Now, not everyone was able to show up to perform, but those that did include Cory Phillips, the founder himself, Roger Connelly II, Jason Daughtery, Pallas Johnson, Tiffany Gutierrez, John Gerhardt, Luke Gaither, and a handful more! Bearing amazing charisma, enthusiasm, and knowledge of all things nerd, this cast and crew have stolen the heart of at least ONE theater buff. (hint: it’s me.) Their quick wit, entertaining games, and involvement with the audience had their viewers laughing themselves to tears. On top of that, at the YC3 after party, the cast and crew interacted with their fans and hung out with everyone!

Cory and Jason
Cory Phillips, Jason Daughtery, and Pallas Johnson – YC3 2017

Other than their live improv shows, Take One also does some FANTASTIC fan films, and have created their own Doctor Who spin-off-youtube series called “The Soldier Stories.” You can find their website here, and their Youtube here! Be sure to give them some kudos, they definitely deserve it! As always, thanks for reading!


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