TGON Attends: Yellow City Comic Con!

Amarillo, Texas – A city famous for its connection to the infamous Route 66, and immortalized in many a country song. What many don’t know though, is that Amarillo has a booming community of nerds. With nerd culture constantly in full swing, members of our community decided to create the Yellow City Comic Con (YC3)- and this year I got to attend. It was by far one of my better years, considering I got to meet two of my favorite childhood stars! Veronica Taylor, widely known for her work on Pokemon as the voice of Ash Ketchum, had a booth and panel, and upon meeting her she was extremely kind! I got a signed photo and a picture with her, but unfortunately, Veronica was sick and ordered by her doctor to keep talking to a minimum. Despite that, she was incredibly sweet and definitely contributed to my amazing time at YC3, and I sincerely hope she’s feeling better.

Veronica Taylor
Veronica Taylor and I – YC3 2017

Karan Ashley, who played Aisha Campbell, the original Yellow Ranger from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, was also in attendance, and like Veronica Taylor, I managed to get a signed photo and a picture with her! Karan was hilarious, thoroughly enjoyed my Ace Ventura shirt, and by the end of our conversation, had decided that we were an adorable duo. Which…I mean…she’s not wrong. So. Moving on! The Vendors and Artists surrounding the area blew my mind and emptied my bank account. Their skills and souvenirs ensnared me, and I was too weak to resist buying a few more dragon balls to help complete my set. Cosplays were out of this world, so much so that I’ve created a separate post STRICTLY for them.

Karan Ashley
Karan Ashley and I – YC3 2017

One of the many things YC3 included was an improvisation show by the utterly hilarious Take One Improv – This troupe of professional actors did so well that I decided to do a separate article over them! While the comic con lasted 3 days, I was only able to attend for two, but let it be known that I had the time of my life and couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful time.  Keep an eye out for the Cosplay Photo Compilation, as well as the article over Take One Improv! As always, thanks for reading!


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