Jimmy Fallon Hosts SNL: Top 5 Moments

#1 The Kush


Jimmy Fallon portraying Jared Kushner was the impersonation we didn’t know we needed.

#2 Jimmy Fallon as past and present John Travolta

Jimmy showed off more of his impersonation skills when he played John Travolta from 1977 and 2017. It was incredible!

#3 Harry Styles impersonating his long lost twin (or grandfather) Mick Jagger.


FINALLY! Fans have been comparing Styles to the Rolling Stones’ frontman for years. Although it wasn’t exactly the greatest impression of Jagger we’ve seen, it was definitely the cutest.

#4 Spicy the Easter Bunny

Melissa McCarthy reminded everyone of Sean Spicer’s past when she portrayed the White House press secretary while wearing an Easter Bunny costume. Spicer notoriously dressed up like the Easter Bunny during George W. Bush’s administration.

#5 Sully and Denise came back!


Rachel Dratch made a surprise cameo so she and Jimmy could revive their roles as our favorite Bostonians.


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