Grey’s 13×21 “Don’t Stop Me Now” Preview

This week’s preview teases at the aftermath of 13×20 “In The Air Tonight,” where Meredith finally gave in to giving Riggs an actual chance.  The two doctors are seen in a press conference on television, talking about how they saved a man’s life without proper equipment on a plane, and they seem a little more than friendly. Maggie is bound to be at least a bit upset. Last season, she had told Meredith that she liked Riggs, unaware that her sister had already kind of sort of started her own little affair with their object of affection. Not wanting to hurt her sister, Meredith kept her feelings to herself and told Riggs to scram. More than anything, I expect Maggie to be hurt that Meredith kept this from her, but the darkness that has been brought into Maggie’s life since the passing of her mother could result in a more severe sense of betrayal. Grey’s Anatomy airs at 8/7c on ABC.


Author: Jacki


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