So, will Season 4 of Rebels see the return of Ahsoka Tano or not?

In the most recent episode of Rebels Recon (which is amazing BTW), showrunner and awesome hat guy, David Filoni along with genius Carrie Beck and a host of others discussed the amazing 2-part finale that ended Season 3 and revealed some of the magic that goes on behind the scenes.

What’s most interesting however is that if you skip ahead to the 09:30 mark, they begin to discuss what we can look forward to in Season 4 including a very short teaser of sorts at the very end…

Not only are we getting to see more of the deteriorating relationship between Mon Mothma and Saw Gerrera but we may get a look at the series first X-Wing!  While the continuing maturing of Ezra Bridger will obviously be a focal point, Admiral Thrawn escalating his power and Sabine Wren left us wanting more, it’s been made very clear by Filoni himself and the teaser that returning to Mandalore will be a primary focus this upcoming season, with Wren being Mandalorian I’m sure she’ll feature prominently, dark saber in tow.

Now that’s all very exciting and I can’t to see what’s it’s store for our favorite rebels/imperials but to me the biggest announcement that wasn’t said at all, is that we will see the return of Ahsoka Tano.  But if they didn’t say it, how do I know?  Well, since you asked…

Lets go in chronological order and start with something Henry Gilroy said at the 09:55 mark, “…we’re going to see a lot new faces and some very beloved old faces to.”  While he doesn’t specifically mention who he means, it’s very plausible he’s referring to Ahsoka since there’s been a lot of demand for her return ever since her  battle with Darth Vader at the end of Season 2.

Then at the 11 minute mark, while Filoni is discussing how Rebels in a lot of ways will finish so many storylines from Clone Wars they show a collage of characters from past seasons, one of which is a young AND old Ahsoka Tano. This not so subtle imagery delineates the passage of time hinting at an “unfinished business” motif.

Finally, during the Season 4 teaser we see clear evidence that some type of Mandalorian battle will be occurring and those helmets belong to characters you should know if you’ve watched the show.  What it means that those helmets are laying there they way they are is anybody’s guess, but if you listen closely and you’re a huge nerd like me, you’ll have recognized the music overlay to be none other than Ahsoka Tano’s theme…

Now, is it possible that they just liked the music and it was meant to be ambiguous? Or they used a random music generator and picked whatever song came up first?  Well if you believe any of that, then you probably believe those helmets were randomly chosen and placed non discretely as well.

Listen folks, we know these guys don’t do anything “randomly” or by accident.  There’s a reason behind everything they do down to the smallest detail and using her theme, while not a visual nod, rings loud and clear.  Every since Season 3 ended, we’ve seen folks like Pablo Hidalgo (and Filoni) dance around the “will Ahsoka Tano return” question and squirm a bit.  They’ve left it open to the possibility, never completely shutting the door on it.  But this is our first real piece of evidence that it’s likely happening and as someone who would follow Ahsoka to the deepest darkest far reaches of the galaxy just to do her laundry, I can’t wait.

More recently at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando during the Rebels panel, Executive Producer David Filoni discussed the future of the series in general.  And after announcing that Season 4 will be the final Rebels season and showing a trailer,  he appeared on stage with a t-shirt that said “Ahsoka Lives!” and purposely avoided the issue afterwards.  He also indicated on a  previous Animated Origins and Unexpected Fates panel that he appreciates the fans love for this character and that there’s still more of her story to tell.

These illustrations released last year by Filoni appear to have Ahsoka travelling through the underworld with images of the Convor and wolves, both personal favorites of Filoni and both happen to be spirit animals.  So, if Ahsoka is dead but is reincarnated in another form could it be the wolf we see Ezra and Sabine riding in the season 4 trailer?

Anytime Ahsoka’s name is mentioned the fans react accordingly and you could literally see the pain on the face of Filoni trying to keep, understandably, at least a few things a surprise in this crazy access to information age.

Finally, a cool thing was they also showed the very first sketch of Ahsoka when Filoni was fleshing out the character with Lucas.  Interesting that her Lekku started out longer than when we first see her debut in Clone Wars…

First Ahsoka
Source: Tumblr

Look for the final Season of Star Wars Rebels to start sometime this fall, and in my opinion, featuring Ahsoka Tano, possibly setting up the next series.

Till next time…MTFBWY.





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