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Top Five Superheroes With Physical Disabilities

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Recently I’d wondered why the mental disorders that nearly every superhero has aren’t shown more frequently, and in a more realistic light. After some speculation, I also began wondering why we only see “able-bodied” superheroes. I have plenty of friends who are total bad-asses, but just so happen to be physically disabled; there HAVE to be heroes that are physically disabled, and still kick some crazy villain-y ass, right? I decided to look into it, and here are the top five heroes I found that happen to have physical disabilities:

Source: Marvel Comics

Daredevil – Blind: 

Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer from New York. By day, he defends the little people of Hell’s Kitchen from wrongful prosecution, but by night, he fights bad guys as the masked vigilante “Daredevil.” After an accident as a child that rendered him blind, Matt had to learn how to go through life without sight. He was soon forced to grow up  in an orphanage when his father was murdered after a boxing match. While there, Matt was approached by a blind man named Stick, who taught him how to hone his other senses and train his body.

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Hawkeye – Deaf:
Now, there is a huge portion of the Hawkeye fandom that are upset that the films didn’t portray him as deaf, like Marvel has shown him to be in the comics. In one of the Hawkeye graphic novels, Clint Barton loses his hearing after an encounter with villain known as The Clown – while there IS dialogue, many of the panels go without words, especially where the world is being viewed through Clint’s eyes…and ears. The series of comics that portray his deafness also depict Hawkeye’s conversations with relatives through sign language – Untranslated sign language. Marvel had confirmed a few years back that Hawkeye has lost roughly 80% of his hearing and utilizes hearing aids.

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Oracle – Paralysis From The Waist Down: 

Before she was Oracle, the mind and eyes behind The Batman, Barbara Gordon took to the streets as Batgirl. Even so, before she fought side-by-side next to The Dark Knight, she was Barbara Gordon, daughter to the Commissioner. In Batman: The Killing Joke, The joker is bent on driving the Commissioner to insanity, so he targets Barbara. Unbeknownst to him, the Clown Prince of Crime didn’t just permanently damage the spine of Jim Gordon’s daughter, but the spine of Batgirl herself. She doesn’t let this hinder her, and instead of relying on her skills in hand-to-hand combat, Barbara relies on her super-genius-level intelligence and proficiency in computers to take down the bad guys.

Source: DC Comics

Vengeance Moth – Muscular Dystrophy: 

Drew Fisher, A.K.A. Vengeance Moth, was born with Muscular Dystrophy. It’s a general term for a group of various genetic diseases that cause progressive muscle mass loss and degeneration of the skeletal muscles that control movement. (As defined by The National Institute Of Neurological Disorders and Stroke website.) Determined to help, Drew joins an activist group under the guise of Vengeance Moth. Her powers vary, but are known to include the ability to project a glowing green moth that gives her a variety of usage. It allows her to gain complete mental control of her body, which temporarily gives her the use of her legs. It also allows her the ability of flight, force field projections, and energy-based, moth-shaped projectiles that can temporarily blind attackers. Basically, she’s the bad-ass that the world deserves.

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Puck – Dwarfism:

Puck is a Canadian-born superhero that fights/fought alongside the Alpha Flight team, as well as alongside X-Force. He was sent on a mission that caused him to interact with a mystical item. The item affected him and altered his 7ft stature into a 3ft, 6in stature. The change in height didn’t stop him from being a hero however, and on top of suddenly belonging immortal, Puck has superhuman strength and extensive training in various forms of fighting. He’s a seriously fascinating character, and he gets a hell of a lot of kudos.

Despite everything we go through as people, and the differences that make us who we are, we are just that…people. As such, each of us deserves to be properly represented through our favorite movies, t.v. shows, books, and so on, especially when it comes to our beloved superheroes! Have any of you ever read about a hero that you were able to relate to? Let us know! As always, thanks for reading!


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