Oscars Bingo

Are you watching The Academy Awards tonight?

Do you want something fun to do during the commercial breaks (or when Jimmy Kimmel is being lame)? Well we got you, girl!

We made you 6 different bingo cards to liven up your Oscar watching and to get you super invested in wether Lin-Manuel gets his EGOT, Octavia Spencer gets the feels, and if someone flubs and blames the prompter.

If you want to turn this game of bingo into a drinking game, I’d recommend taking a sip when something happens that isn’t on your card, and doing a shot when someone else gets to shout Bingo before you! (*please drink responsibly)

Download the TGON bingo cards above (or click here) & play along with your friends, with the randos at your viewing party, or with us on Twitter!

Don’t forget to head over to The Game of Nerds Facebook page to catch our Live Viewing Party starting at 4:30PM PST!


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