New Girl: “Operation: Bobcat”


Episode Synopsis:

On Valentine’s Day, Jess tries to convince the gang that she is perfectly content being single. Meanwhile, Schmidt competes for a big promotion and Winston’s proposal plans to Aly are expedited.


First of all, what makes me laugh, is the fact that Schmidt and Cece think it’s romantic to celebrate the first time they made love to each other. I guess it’s somewhat romantic, but wouldn’t it be more romantic to celebrate the day they first starting dating? I gotta say though, I love the name they came up with; their “bone-iversary.” Another thing that I loved, was that Cece really surprised me in this episode. Usually we see Schmidt making all the romantic gestures, but thanks to Nick, Cece took the lead this time, and almost made the night a success. That setup on the roof was pretty fantastic, but yeah, she didn’t think about the fact that the wind would be a factor. It was funny that Nick was excited to bring Schmidt and Cece’s clothes to them, when their other clothes blew off the roof, and it was great to see Schmidt’s boss again. We actually saw her and Schmidt have somewhat of a heart to heart, and I’m glad that she gave Schmidt the promotion. She finally realized that Schmidt works very hard at his job to impress her, and now he’s a big wig, with a nice office. It totally reminded me of ‘Mad Men,’ because it had the wet bar, and it also went along with the reference Schmidt made previously, about waiting for the elevator at the loft. Now that Schmidt is doing well at his job, I hope Cece starts making more progress at her new job.

The Proposal  

Oh Winston… you really proposed in true Winston fashion. He was so good in this episode. Him and Aly were adorable when they were at her house, and I was super surprised when Aly asked Winston if he wanted to get married. It was totally out of the blue, and I didn’t think she was ready to move forward yet. But I guess she was. I was happy that after this scene, Jess took the initiative to tell Winston, that he needed to propose to Aly as soon as possible. Thank god we didn’t have to wait for all those 21 proposal plans to go down. Everything moved so quickly after that, and I really can’t believe Winston wanted to propose to Aly in a nasty public bathroom. I mean the twinkly lights made the bathroom a little nicer, but it was just comical seeing Winston dressed up as a bobcat and trying to be serious. The speech that he wrote, was the perfect amount of silly, combined with sincerity, and now these cops are going to be partners for life! Now I’m wondering if Winston’s going to move into Aly’s house, or if she’s going to move into the loft?

Reagan’s gift & being single 

Now we’re still on our journey to the moment Nick and Jess get back together, and it didn’t happen yet again 😔. Surprisingly, Reagan wasn’t in this episode as well, so that was pretty interesting, since it was Nick and Reagan’s first Valentine’s Day as a couple. On the flip side of all of this, Jess was coping with the fact that she was single on Valentine’s Day, while all her friends were doing things with their significant others. It was nice that she wasn’t mopping around the loft, even though everyone else thought she was. And we later learned that she was pissed about some certain situations. First off, I just have to rant a little bit about the flashback scene, where Nick gave Jess a card and $20 for Valentine’s Day, when they were going out. During that time, I really don’t think this would have happened. I know Nick can be forgetful sometimes, and he’s not the best at giving gifts, but he did a lot of romantic things for Jess when they were together. We can’t forget that he totally surprised Jess with the best birthday gift ever at the movie theater! She even said it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her, so take that! Even though the writer’s made it seem like their Valentine’s Day was crap, just to compare it with how Nick was acting now, I think Nick would also have gone all out. He probably would have done another one of those romantic dinners on the roof, and made it simple. And as for all that went down during his Valentine’s Day with Reagan; it also turned out to be a total let down. Karma came to him, and he got Miller-ed by Reagan. And lastly, let’s talk about that scene in the bedroom, when Winston was picking out his ring for Aly. My heart totally broke when Nick said that he was in love with Reagan. The look on Jess’s face killed me and I’m so happy that Winston noticed how upset she was too. He’s totally routing for Jess to get back together with Nick, and it was nice that he took her feelings into account. Now that Reagan bummed Nick out, can he break up with her now?

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