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The Magicians Season 2 Premiere!

Syfy’s The Magicians is back (Wednesdays @ 9pm EST) and it has finally found its footing to root itself as the new must-watch fantasy show,

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Don’t believe us? Series creator Lev Grossman knows high praise when he sees it and tweeted this review, an article by Wired.  The TL;DR is a glorious (albeit heavy-handed) comparison to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Now The Game of Nerds will never go so far as to say something can replace Buffy, but the potential is definitely sparking in The Magicians. Syfy hit a stride perfectly blending quippy one-liners and pop culture references with intense underlying drama.


The main crew of Quentin, Alice, Elliot, and Margo seriously delivered in the premiere, and the writing has taken more of a concrete direction having established enough plot and subplot to get grit.  Unfortunately, a few things still feel forced, namely the attempts to make the audience feel sympathy to redeem characters such as Penny and the Beast (yes I just put them in the same category).

This wouldn’t be such an issue if scenes with Julia and The Beast weren’t spent shoving a Martin Chatwin redemption arc down the audiences’ throats, blocking out the Julia we came to love in Season One. Regardless, Stella Maeve still shines in the role of Julia, and you can’t blame us for wanting more of her, I mean she is dedicated to her craft.


Hands down Summer Bishil’s Margo stole the premiere bringing more sass than the rest of the cast combined.

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Through making fun of no-hand-Penny, to helping him heal them, and the moments of fourth wall breakage calling out her own role as comic relief Margo stole the show.

She even got the most believable and to-character redemption arc (arc being a loose term of a 5 second apology, but it was satisfying for book fans nonetheless).

Source: The Magicians SYFY

Join us Wednesday at 9pm est to see if they can keep up the pace in episode two!


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