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Once Upon a Time Recap: “Wish You Were Here”

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So somehow we have already reached the mid season finale! There have been a lot of ups and down this season so far but this episode promises a lot going on!

Aladdin became a genie and Emma finds a sword and wants to find out who kills her with it.

  • Regina, Emma and Killian head to Regina’s vault and discover the Evil Queen crouched over Robin’s grave.
  • Kinda get Regina’s upset
  • No. No it really wasn’t the best thing
  • Regina don’t do it
  • Ooooo. They wounded the Queen with the sword without hurting Regina!
  • The Queen doesn’t seem happy about this
  • Gold needs to stop with those tracking cuffs
  • Stop obsessing about your son like that. It’s weird and evil!
  • The Evil Queen really does need to die
  • Henry is doing the angry teenager thing again
  • How does Emma know that only she can hurt the Queen with the sword? That doesn’t make sense
  • Wow, this looks like the scene in her vision
  • Aussie Genie Aladdin! This isn’t going to go well
  • No. No no no!
  • She’s not the saviour. She’s not there any more. She’s never been to Storybrooke!
  • She grew up in the Enchanted Forest!
  • Princess Emma dreams of Storybrooke
  • Princess Emma gives Henry the sword that kills her? So cute
  • This is all so cute!!
  • “I didn’t stay behind for you to screw things up!” You make an excellent point Regina
  • All this arguing isn’t helping
  • Regina has a plan
  • Whatcha doing, Gold?
  • Failing. Okay
  • The Evil Queen is really damn weird with guys
  • They’re the same person which means Regina can use wishes
  • mwhahahahahahaha!!!!
  • But they’re all going to think she’s the Evil Queen
  • The War is over. Regina is not the Queen!
  • This is real. But…
  • Yes. Yes this is really complicated
  • Regina, talking like this isn’t going to help
  • David!! Don’t do that!
  • David, tell people your plan. Don’t just say you have one and then be all secretive
  • And in the distance, we hear the sound of crazy Rumple giggling
  • Yeah please don’t free Rumple
  • Regina don’t listen to Rumple. Don’t become the Queen
  • I love crazy old Rumple. Can we have more crazy old Rumple?
  • Regina please do not actually go evil because of this
  • Gold, leave Belle alone
  • He was sent away to protect him. So the fact that Gold can’t track him is probably a good thing
  • Henry is so little and cute!!
  • Oh Regina….
  • Bad idea, David
  • Or maybe not. David as the Master of the Lamp. I like it
  • And what does she deserve? Apparently… everything she wants?
  • I really hope this doesn’t end up harming Regina
  • Princess Emma is pathetic
  • Wait. This is how Emma… Wow. That’s easy
  • “We’ve been portaled!”
  • Mysterious cloaked figure? To kill Emma?
  • Queen in cage? Snake? Jafar?
  • The Black Fairy has Gold’s baby? That’s not good
  • Awww I liked this Rumple!
  • So Jasmine and Aladdin are going to use the magic to find Agrabah
  • Gold and Belle are going to work together to find Gideon? I really hope this works out
  • Fairy World?
  • Grumpy has found the Evil Snake Queen
  • This wish is going to end badly for everyone

I liked Princess Emma. She was sweet, though not really what usually happens in Once! And Regina gets to see her Robin again. But the portal is gone. This is bad. And I’m very excited for the next half of the series. And Gideon/Morpheus is evil, having been brought up by the Black Fairy. There is so much going on, that I don’t think I can wait for the second half of the season to find out what happens next!!

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