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Jane The Virgin “Chapter 50″

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Something’s shady in Miami…and I’m not just talking about the palm trees.

I’m talking about Catalina, Jane’s beautiful, smart, adventurous cousin who really has no problem making herself at home in Jane and Michael’s life. We think at first, oh this girl is cool…a little abrasive, but only because tbh we all wish we could be her! So maybe we’re just feeling some resentment here. It’ll pass. She successfully pushed Jane out of her comfort zone by encouraging her to go after a job with a publicist. She also encouraged Jane and Michael to spice it up a bit: they sang Locked Out Of Heaven (it was awkward) and they got a cat! She (sort of) patched things up with Alba, and she and Rafael started hooking up. Seems to me like Catalina will be here for a while, which is fine, right? No! Wrong! According to the one character who’s always honest with me, Latin Lover Narrator, we should be suspicious of this Catalina chick. She may be bad. Like ROSE bad, you ask?? I don’t know. But that smirk she had at the end of the episode did not seem like a sign of good things to come.

With the help of Rogelio, Xiomara was able to lease an awesome dancing studio! The problem is, it’s right next to her ex-boyfriend’s office. As she grappled with how to deal with her ex, we found out the Rogelio is still very much in love with Xiomara. #ROXO4EVER It literally consumes his every thought…all made worse by his celery diet (he needs to slim down for his nude scene). The only thing is, the only people Rogelio can’t be selfish with are his family. He would do anything for Jane, Alba, and Xiomara, which includes letting Xo go because he knows she doesn’t want kids.  This is all made more painful when we see Xo kissing her ex-bf, Bruce, at the end of the episode. You know who else sees her? Rogelio.

Well, did we ever think the worthwhile ships would come easy??

Back at the Marbella, in a hilarious turn of events, Scott has decided to sue Petra for sexual harassment. She doesn’t have enough proof to deny ir and he’s ready to take her down. Her only viable solution is to go to Rafael and ask for his help. In return, he wants his shares back. This is obviously difficult for Petra, because everything she was lobbying for is in limbo. How the tables turn so quickly at The Marbella! Soon, after things go South for Petra fast, and Rafael is safely back in his old seat of power, we learn that Rafael was working with Scott the whole time–they made up this scheme for Rafael’s benefit. But Scott doesn’t do anything pro-bono! I know. In return, Rafael owes him a favor, and there’s no telling when he’s going to cash that in!

Things to worry about for next time:

  • Where is Luisa…where is Rose?
  • Why is Xiomara back with that dbag Bruce?
  • Will Jane and Michael become a pop duo and leave Miami?
  • What favor does Scott want?
  • And finally…
  • What havoc will Catalina wreak?!

Source: CW Network // Jane The Virgin


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