New Girl: “Single and Sufficient”


Episode Synopsis:

Jess and members of her singles-only group accompany Schmidt and Cece and Winston and Aly on a glamping trip, while Nick struggles with the next chapter of his novel set in New Orleans.

I Am Single and Sufficient!

Schmidt and Cece decide to go on a glamping trip, and for some reason, ask some of their roommates if they’d like to come along. Winston and Aly join the married couple and then Jess tags along with her group of new single friends. Within this singles group. we find out that Cece’s ex, Robby, is the leader. I’m already so over Robby. Yes, I guess he’s technically a random friend of Schmidt’s now, but why do the writers keep on bringing him back every season? It makes no sense to me. Also, during this episode, why did Robby have to end up having feelings for Jess? It’s just another ploy by the writers, to not have Jess pine over Nick, like we want her to this season. We already established in the first episode, that Jess isn’t over Nick, and now she has this weird connection with Robby. I’m glad she still addressed toward the end of the episode, that she doesn’t know what to do about the whole Nick situation, and wants to stay single for awhile, but why after saying all of that to Schmidt and Cece, does she run into Robby at a restaurant and get weirdly close to him anyway? Robby kind of reminds me of Spencer in a way. He’s sensitive and is pretty much Jess in man form. If these two end up getting together, I’m pretty sure it’ll be short lived. On a side note, Principal Foster is another weird character to keep bringing back, but he’s actually a pretty funny character. His rant about Toto cracked me up!

Catch up

Winston and Aly finally reunite! But even though their storyline wasn’t that transformative, it was still funny nonetheless. The two decide to go on the glamping trip, and decide to catch up on all the sex they’ve missed. Not like they haven’t had a lot of Skype sex already, haha. Anyway, they get busy most of the day, but eventually get super tired. Funnily enough, both significant others don’t want to confess that they want to lay off the sex for a while, so they try to waste time doing other things. They end up talking to Nick on the phone, and agree that they should take some time to read his book. They ask him to send them 100 jpgs of the book, instead of 1 pdf. After reading the book and being blown away, they take another detour, back to their yurt, but end up confessing in the end, that they went too fast with the sex. This is why I love Winston and Aly. They don’t keep feelings to themselves for too long. They’re open with one another and don’t have any drama. In the end, they do decide to have sex again, and weirdly enough, they want to recreate a past time, by roleplaying that one of them is a mermaid. Wow.

Writers block

Shockingly, Nick has written a great book, but gets writers block, when he’s told by Schmidt, that he shouldn’t change anything. First off, good for Nick for writing a great Julius Pepperwood story, but secondly, how did he become such a genius writer? Doesn’t anyone remember in past seasons, that Nick was a terrible writer and was the worst procrastinator ever? I guess New Orleans really changed him for the better. I mean, what we’ve heard of what happens in the story, is quite bazaar, but hopefully now that Nick is back home, I hope his writing continues to progress, and his story becomes a great hit. I loved that he added a Schmidt-like character into his story, and that he was a bad guy. Even though Schmidt isn’t all that bad anymore, he definitely is the total opposite of Nick, so it would make sense for him to be the antagonist. Maybe he also made Schmidt’s character a bad guy because he wouldn’t give Nick any notes. I know that we ended with Jess readying his story, and I’m interested to see if they reveal what she thought of the book also. Does she have any notes for Nick?

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