TCA 2016 Highlights with Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling & The Mindy Project’s showrunner, Matt Warburton, attended Hulu’s TCA panel in early August to give the press some first looks and scoops about season 5 of the show.

*reynolds pamphlet voice* HIGHLIIIIIGHTS 🎵

• Mindy looked gorge – but what else is new
• Bryan Greenberg has been cast in a recurring role. He is set to play a pediatric nurse who is also a single dad and will serve as a new love interest for Mindy
• MK & MW said season 5 will start off with Mindy making her choice romantically, and will not leave the audience hanging. (Although, if they cast a new guy, it’s likely she picks neither?)
• Rebecca Rittenhouse has also been cast as a new doctor at the practice who is supposedly evil. (yay more women)
• Nasim Pedrad is set to play Leo’s pediatrician
• Adam Pally, Bill Hader & BJ Novak are set to reprise their roles!
• Kaling wants to do another high concept episode where something sexist happens to Mindy Lahiri & she wishes she were a white man, waking up the next day to find the wish had come true!
• Kaling is quoted as saying “Hulu has completely set me free” with Matt adding that not having to look at or care about next day ratings has cut their stress levels
• Mindy tried to play Pokemon go and fell into the 9/11 memorial fountain – so she’s banned from there now too & we’ll see the story this fall
• The reduced 16 episode order came from a creative mindset from Hulu. (I’m choosing to believe this means they cut it down from 26 because 26 was hard on the cast, crew & writers and not because season 4 performed poorly)
• Kaling jokes that she can’t believe that no one asked about her personal life!
• They were asked about doing a possible spinoff for Casey and they loved the idea
• Kaling also revealed that she just finished writing her first feature film (!!!!) and that she surprised even herself with the idea for a film that isn’t a romantic comedy! It doesn’t have a name yet or a release date. She has a small part in it and has said before that she’d like to direct it herself!

Thanks to everyone at Variety, ET, TV Line, Glamour, and so many more entertainment reporters for livetweeting & covering the TCA panel ✨

Season 5 drops October 5th on Hulu & I’ll be back every week with news, countdowns & weekly recaps!


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