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Marcos’s Thoughts On “The Russo Brothers Producing The Warriors Remake.”


The Warriors is one of those cult classic that nearly perfect and for so long has been on that class of films that should never be remade. I remember hearing talks of a remake for years even once where there was an idea of using real life gangs. But like most cult classic a remake seem far fetch. How can you even remake the film? it wouldn’t work in modern time due to how we have things like  uber which would solve the film’s main problem. However recently we just found out that the duo that brought us two of the best MCU films to help produce a Hulu series based off this classic film. Now if you’re gonna touch such a beloved film it helps to bring one a duo that has proved to produce great work and seem to be very passion about giving fans what they want. I have some concerns due to how this film and the concept is very much a product of its time but again its the Russo’s. Overall im fine with having them looking over such a beloved project.

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