Marcos’s Thoughts On “Bryan Cranston Joining The POWER RANGERS Reboot As Zordon! (Really)


When I first saw this casting, I couldn’t help to think it was some fanboy rumor or a joke. But after some research it turn about to be very  true! Mr. White is our new Zordon. Now it does come as a shock and a very surprising casting choice. Cranston has done a good job picking his roles since the Breaking Bad era. This could be a great casting move or end up being very weird and out of place. But if anything, I’m sure Cranston is gonna have fun with this role and being part of this project. I’m now looking forward to hearing his voice and seeing a trailer to see what direction they take his character.

To be fair, Cranston started out voicing acting on the original Power Rangers. Looks like he hasn’t forgotten his early works.

Source: @dacremontgomery Twitter


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