Who’s Who in the MCU – Hidden Heroes Edition

The post you’ve all been anxiously waiting for! Continuing my series of easter eggs hiding in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are some classic superheroes that were there all along, right under your noses.

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First up, if the above picture didn’t tip you off, is Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch. This Human Torch was never a member of the Fantastic Four – he was a WWII-era android created by Professor Phineas Horton back when Marvel was called “Timely Comics” in 1939. After fading into obscurity and having his namesake and powers recycled into Johnny Storm’s Human Torch, the android had his mind wiped and body recycled, being re-purposed by Ultron and Professor Horton into the soon-to-be-Avenger Vision. Though Fox owns the rights to the character name, “Phineas Horton’s Synthetic Man” can be seen on display in Captain America: The First Avenger in a glass case much-reminiscent of his comic origins.

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In the Marvel Universe, White Tiger isn’t just a name – it’s a legacy. Much like the Iron Fist or the Black Panther, the name is passed down through generations. After the magical K’un-L’un statue of the Jade Tiger is passed to Angela del Toro by her uncle, she becomes the fourth White Tiger. Angela was previously a FBI Agent tasked with investigating Matt Murdock and proving he was Daredevil, but decided to join him once receiving her powers. In the MCU, acknowledging the character’s detective past, Jessica Jones recommends Luke Cage go see another private investigator – Angela del Toro.

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In the second season of Agent Carter, Howard Stark has decided to become a director. His first big motion picture is an adaptation of a comic book – something Peggy thinks could never be successful. That comic book is supposedly even based off a real person, as far as the MCU is concerned – Kid Colt. While Kid Colt never existed in real life, the wild-west series Kid Colt Outlaw did, and ran for decades.

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In the comics, one character seemed always present. He was the Hulk’s kid sidekick, he was the giant monster A-Bomb, he was Bucky’s replacement as Captain America’s sidekick, he was the human host of two different Captain Marvels, he had a brigade of kids with ham radios who helped the Avengers, he got Taskmaster-like abilities, got cancer, fought along Rom: Spaceknight, was impersonated in Jessica Jones’ comic Alias, antagonized the Runaways. That character was Rick Jones. Rick has a long comic history, originally intended to be the audience analog. While the MCU didn’t know quite what to do with him any more than the comics themselves, they referenced the character’s close association with The Hulk when he was listed as an accomplice of Dr. Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk.

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