TGON Reviews: Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising


The Story


Three college freshmen played by Chloe Grace Mortez, Kersey Clemons, and Beanie Feldstein, find out that sororities are not allowed to throw parties in their houses, only fraternities can. When they try going to a fraternity party they quickly realize how sexist they are. They decide they will start a sorority off campus where they can party the way they want to without having to worry about creepy guys trying to sleep with them. The girls end up renting the fraternity house from the first film, next door to Seth Rogen and Rose Byrnes’ characters. Zac Efron’s character is struggling with adulthood and offers to mentor the girls and help them manage their sorority. Seth Rogen and and Rose Byrnes’ characters have sold their house but it’s in escrow which means the buyers have 30 days to change their minds. A war begins between the new sorority who wants the freedom to party and the neighbors who are trying to prove their neighborhood is a peaceful place to live.

What Worked 


As a former sorority girl I loved that this film showed girls who wanted break away from the social norms of sorority life while still being a part of a sisterhood. When we first meet the girls they are at a sorority house that is led by Selena Gomez’s character. The girls watch a recruitment video showing the sorority girls running around in bikinis which was a very accurate parody of an actual recruitment video that went viral last year. The film has a great supporting cast including Billy Eichner who was typecast as a disgruntled realtor. Hannibal Burress and Ike Barinholtz also appear in the film. My favorite character was Nora, played by Beanie Feldstein. Beanie is the younger sister of Jonah Hill and this was her first feature film. Although she was a supporting character I thought she was hilarious and look forward to her future work.

What Didn’t


It’s no secret that this film is not the next (insert any film that is critically acclaimed) so I wasn’t expecting a lot out of it. The only thing that bothered me was the tendency for the characters to talk about what they are doing instead of just showing us. For example, if a character screams “I am so angry right now!” instead of just punching a wall. There were a few scenes with dialogue so obvious that I felt a third grader could have written it.

The Verdict


If you’re looking for a fun movie that doesn’t make you think too hard then you will like Neighbors 2. If you’re wanting to see a movie full of stereotypical sorority girls making out with each other, this movie isn’t for you. If you are wanting to see Zac Efron getting slathered with grease and dancing shirtless while wearing short shorts, this movie is absolutely for you.



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