Yellow City Comic Con Cosplays

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So this year, with comic cons in full swing, I had the immense pleasure of visiting the Yellow City Comic Con (Yc3) in Amarillo, Texas. I got to meet some amazing cosplayers, including a Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I got overly excited about. There were some crazy good steampunk-incorporated cosplays, fantastic video game characters, couple cosplays, and even one VERY good superhero landing! (Which I’ve heard can be really bad for your knees.) I had a blast and met a plethora of friendly, wonderful people. It has been one of the most entertaining comic cons that I’ve ever been to, and I cannot wait to see Yc3 next year.

Unfortunately, there were so many amazing cosplays that I got to witness and take photos of, I couldn’t include everyone’s photos in this review. You were all amazing, and the time you took in creating your costumes showed at the convention, and its because of all of you that things like this get to happen. Thank you all so much! I’ll hope to see you all next year!


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