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S5E3: Japan

Another really great episode. This season is killing it and I’m as happy as Hannah in a nude photoshoot thinking about cake. The past two episodes have shown the girls all together, the girls guys, and now this episode zeros in on Shosh and explores making it work in your new situations, even though you’re old habits are tearing apart the good thing you’re in.


We see Shosh is fitting in so well with her new city, she tells her co-workers that “even though i’ve only been here for a short while I truly feel like this is my home and you people are my family. and i dont even really care about people in america anymore.” Oh Shosh. The thing is that unlike when she’s in new york, she seems so much more grounded. Here in Japan she’s still fast talking, emoji loving, cotton candy feelings woman but it comes off like happiness and not a cry for help, like in new york. Maybe it’s because this is the first time we’ve seen her alone in a city without the other girls. Either way this at homeness leads to her starting a new romance with her boss. Which. Damn. Shosh is so cute around him. Look at this…

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This leads to conversations with her new friends that would probably never happen with Hannah or Jessa or Marnie. Her role isn’t the fourth wheel with her Japan friends. She’s getting the attention she doesn’t get in New York. Speaking of getting attention. Hannah. Like everyone keeps telling her Fran is the nicest guy she’s dated, so nice that he doesn’t watch porn because “those girls, they’re underage, they’re on drugs. Many of them have been abused. So, no, that doesn’t really get me hard.” His defense is so oddly endearing I forgive him. Hannah does not. She never explicitly tells him to delete the pictures, but c’mon Fran, be the nice guy the show wants you to be. Instead he tells her, her pictures are too silly to jerk off to and later on when she’s not really in the moment when they’re having sex he tells her he loves her. Stubborn and principled is what both Hannah and Fran both are and it could tear a part their realationship which seems to be so good. While Hannah and Fran’s relationship seems to be heading into rough waters, Jessa and Adam’s relationship still has yet to leave shore. They really are good friends. Jessa is supportive in the way Adam needs, and Adam is attentive in the way Jessa needs. I really don’t like them fighting, and the will they won’t they storyline is the least interesting thing happening in this episode. I hope it goes somewhere soon because like Jessa said “I’m not doing this will they or wont they shit.” But, it did leave to a really, really cute pantomime from Adam, after Jessa walks out.

Source: TGON

While Jessa shuts down the idea of a back and forth effectively fake killing Adam. Shush shuts down Scott. The last thing we see is Scott throwing away his Welcome Home sign for her. So is that the end of them? Probably. Before we see the end of Scott, Shosh listens to Scott’s message as she fondles the Nurse’s hat from the fetish club. She puts down her phone and holds the hat. She has made her decision. Shosh isn’t ready to make a life with someome, like self-sure (sometimes) Marnie was, or have another fraught relationship like Hannah or Jessa; she’s ready to have a place that will help her make herself.


TL;DR Shosh loves Japan. Fran loves his ex’s tits, and Jessa loves Adam but they just can’t. 


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