TGON Plays: The Twisted Metal Series

Hey everyone! Do you like explosions, fire-y deaths and scary looking clowns!?!?! Okay, I realize it’s probably a no to that last one…but how about when all of these things are combined into one killer derby-style video game? Now That’s more like it right?! Well hold on to your butts, gamers, because I bring you Twisted Metal!

Twisted Metal is the story of a type of Carnival that travels from town to town, recruiting members and racers to be part of its “Racing Derby to the death.” The man in charge of the Twisted Metal derby is called Calypso, and rumor has it that the winner of this derby will get whatever wish they desire. It starts out stationed in L.A., and the derby is extremely underground. The only way to be invited is to be sent an email.

Some of the games vary, but one thing that never does is this: You get to choose your vehicle. From a supe’d up ice-cream truck to a mini-cooper that can’t easily be hit, your vehicle can be virtually anything. In some of the games you even get to pick your character, and your character comes with a nifty little back-story as to why they’ve joined the ranks of Twisted Metal. Some of the stories are heartfelt and for the benefit of their family and friends, while others are for purely selfish reasons. You’ll have to ask yourself, what are you racing for?

The game comes packed with some pretty rad maps and every map is stocked to the brim with rad power-ups and torpedos, hidden areas, and fun little Easter Eggs. You can play the storyline and fight to win the tournament and your one wish, or you can play multiplayer and COMPLETELY DESTROY YOUR FRIENDS…In a safe and virtual environment of course.

The game series is originally formatted to PlayStation, but as usual I’m sure there’s some crazy pirated version for you to download in the deep dark corners of the interwebs.

So go my friends. Go out, annihilate your opponents, and fuck shit up! But remember to be safe about it and always keep your vehicle armored up!



Author: CharlieQuinnAndTheNerds

One of those dastardly gay soulless gingers. 22 years old physically. I'm a writer, and a journalist/CCO for an organization called The Game Of Nerds. Look us up, we're literally everywhere. I promise I'm occasionally funny and when in the right light, unconventionally adorable. You can follow me as CharlieQuinn21 on Tumblr and CharlieQuinn21 on Twitter!

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