March Releases and Premieres

Hey everyone! We’re back at it again with March’s premieres! So keep an eye out for the Movies premiering, T.V. Shows coming back, or finishing, and the books being released through out the month!


March 4th:

London Has Fallen – This is the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, which was actually a damn good movie. I’m pretty excited to see this in theaters.

Zootopia – One of the most looked forward to animated movies of the year, this movie follows the story of all animals living in utter peace. But things get shaken up when the locals begin giving into their animal instincts, and predator becomes prey yet again.

March 11th:

The Brothers Grimsby – This movie follows two orphan brothers who were adopted into different lives. One became a soccer-loving family man, and the other? A secret government spy. When the Family man finds his brother, they become wanted by everyone, and have to survive everything their enemies throw at them. It Stars Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong, as well as Rebel Wilson and Isla Fisher!

March 18th:

The Divergent Series: Allegiant Part 1 – The next installment of the Divergent series follows Tobias and Beatrice’s struggle to survive outside the walls of their once great mini-nation, but things aren’t always what they seem in the United States, and the Bureau of Genetic Welfare has become a tyranny.

March 25th:

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice – This movie is by far one of the most talked about DC films to date, and it hasn’t even debuted yet! Bruce Wayne takes on Clark Kent, and Lex Luthor only adds toxicity to the already dangerous battle by creating something to take them both down.

Next up we have T.V. Shows!:

Fri. March 4th:

House of Cards season 4 premieres on Netflix!

Sun. March 6th:

Once Upon A time – ABC

Tue. March 8th:

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – ABC

Fri. March 18th:

Daredevil season 2 premieres on Netflix!

Wed. March 30th:

Empire – Fox

And finally, book releases happening this March!

Girl Last Seen by Heather Anastasiu

Lady Midnight (The Dark Artiffices #1) by Cassandra Clare

Into The Dim book #1 by Janet B. Taylor

The Throwback Special by Chris Bachelder

What Lies Between Us by Nayomi Munaweera

Margaret The First by Danielle Dutton

That’s all we have for March folks! Keep an eye out near the end of the month to see what’s in store for April!



Author: CharlieQuinnAndTheNerds

One of those dastardly gay soulless gingers. 22 years old physically. I'm a writer, and a journalist/CCO for an organization called The Game Of Nerds. Look us up, we're literally everywhere. I promise I'm occasionally funny and when in the right light, unconventionally adorable. You can follow me as CharlieQuinn21 on Tumblr and CharlieQuinn21 on Twitter!

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