Girls Review: Good Man


This episode.

This fucking episode.

My hope continues to rise with this season, beacuse this episode.  Hilarious. Cute. Touching. This is the pay off for spending all this time with our girls, and as the episode title brings attention to, our guys. The A story in this episode is Hannah’s dad loses his wallet at the apartment of his first casual hook-up. Well I assume it’s his first because he flips his shit. He calls Hannah sobbing, he refuses to get his wallet himself, and to top it off he doesn’t use protection. Rookie moves. Which puts Hannah in a spot where she has to be his father, and she succeds in the most Hannah way. She calls Elijah, she cries with her father after telling him Loreen wants a divorce, and she quietly sacrifices her own true feelings in order to be strong for her father.


Lena Dunham wins all the awards for her skill at playing the most honest “this is hard and not what I feel but it’s what’s best” face. Damn. Got me.

In the B-story we have Jessa and Adam. These two. They are quickly becoming the most self-aware couple and I love it. Adam is actually stable when he’s around her. Adam with Hannah always felt off. Adam with Mimi felt right, but Mimi is gonna Mimi. Jessa and Adam, so far, are cute and that’s all I have to say because I’m trying to be optimistically in the moment with this one because look at this preciousness!


If last episode was a check up on the girls friendship, this episode is a check-up on the girls, guys. Fran wearily accepts Hannah and Elijah’s friendship: good man. Adam could be the best thing for Jessa: good man. Hannah is showing the love that Tad showed her, her whole life: good man. Dill Harcourt is the fucking man of my, I mean, Elijah’s dream: good man.
Ok, well maybe he’s not the man of his dreams, but he’s smooth, he’s confident, he’s hot, he’s got monayyy, and I’m so excited that Elijah is becoming more than the GBF.

Like Eleanor of Aquitaine writing songs to teach the men in her court chivarly, Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner have written an episode that show an expansion of the narrow straight, oppressive, masculinity of tradition, to one of gender fluid, vulnerable, open masculinity. And since these reveiw’s are mere letters of gradtitiude, I thank Lena and Jenni for writing an episode to show what it means to be a good man.

And in honor of the hilarity this episode, I present a new segment-
There are no small parts, just hilarious scene stealers:


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