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Legends of Tomorrow: Star City 2046

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Finally, Rip takes us into the future in this highly-anticipated Arrow crossover. Star City in the year 2046 is being savaged by Savage, whose rise to power included the murder of the Hunter family. This episode opened up a lot of new character interactions, ultimately changing the team’s dynamic, but also relied too heavily on Arrow’s mythology and angst.

Oliver Queen, despite his senility and signature brooding, still stole the show.

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Yup, that’s the Arrow we know and love from the comic universe.

Also, Snart, the most interesting member of the LOT team, proved that he actually requires a family-like team to function, and joins a gang of 2046 heroes bent on taking down Savage. His choice causes tension between himself and Heat Wave as Mick has decided to lead a separate gang.

More tension between the team is created by throwing in a love triangle between Jax, Ray and Kendra, which speaks to a form of lazy writing that uses romance to fill in slow plotpoints, but doesn’t contribute to the overall show. Prof. Stein sides with Jax by trying to subtly discourage The Atom from pursuing Hawkgirl, to allow Jax to move in. I think Stein feels guilty about forcing Jax into this world of time-travel craziness and is trying to make up for it by playing the superannuated wingman, who can conveniently communicate psychically with Jax. Kendra eventually turns Ray down and takes a decidedly anti-romance stance, which means the writers will have to think creatively to give her characteristics other than “someone’s winged girlfriend”. Although a little lazy and basic, it was hilarious to watch this triangle unfold, because of its comical contrast to the seriousness of the dystopian future and the villians’ gang plotline.

Overall, the episode was great, but the writers overdid it with the love-triangle. In t he next crossover I’m hoping to see LOT mythology hold its own against the other show’s since a lot of the story focused on the Arrow.

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