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The Flash: King Shark

In this week’s quasi-crossover, Diggle and Lyla pay Central City a visit to warn Barry of King shark’s return. This proved a giant relief to comic fans, who were disappointed in the size of King Shark’s previous appearance; the character has too much potential to waste on a single 9 second scene.

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King Shark himself didn’t disappoint, and was portrayed to the degree expected by a show with an Emmy for special effects.

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The plot takes a dark turn as the team, still reeling from Jay’s murder, realize that King Shark isn’t just another Meta; he is, in a way, the final Breach. He is the final remnant of Zoom’s presence on Earth1, and the team can’t move forward with their lives while he’s still out there. So the S.T.A.R Labs team joins forces with A.R.G.U.S to take him down in a laughably appropriate way.

Meanwhile, we get confirmation that Caitlin1 is definitely NOT going to turn into Killer Frost. After an explicit warning from Harry not to tell Caitlin and the Wests about their E2 doppelgangers, Barry and Cisco do exactly that, resulting in a emotional scene wherein Caitlin promises not to turn into an blood-lusty Meta. When Barry tells Joe and Iris, the response is equally touching and reminds fans of Barry’s endearing emotional authenticity.

This episode also took a few moments to establish a particularly venomous relationship between Barry and Wally; which was pretty one-sided. Long story short, Barry is as friendly with Wally as he is with everyone else, but Wally’s jealousy of the bond between Barry and the Wests results in Wally being a jerk. I get it, he’s from a troubled home and a tough background, but he’s letting it define his relationship with Barry; there’s a lot that Wally just needs to get over.

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Overall, a good episode that brings much-needed closure to our E2 adventures and characterizes Wally as an enormous brat.


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