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Marcos’s Thoughts On “ Hunter Zolomon”

Source: Reddit

In “The Return Of Reversed Flash” we were given a huge name drop, Hunter Zolomon. For those aren’t too keen on the comics. Zolomon is Zoom and one of the Reversed Flashes. While ever since this there has been many theories on what this means for the show. Is he Zoom? Is he a speedster? Is he a friend or foe? This is what I think. I believe they are laying the ground work for season 3. Zolomon will be a big player in season 3 and will become the next villain for the Flash to deal with. They can also bring up and show Hunter again to start developing the character so once season 3 starts he can just go full on villain. I want to see a villain that also bridges all the other speedster together. Zolomon is revealed to be the real “Zoom” and this causes Barry to enlist the help of Earth 1 Flash, Reversed Flash and possibly a future Flash. What do you think? What does the future have for Hunter Zolomon.


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