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Readers Question/Comment: “I think that Petra got pregnant through the baster insemination but I’m not sure it’s Rafael’s sperm. Her momma sure seems to know something that she doesn’t and may be scheming. But Petra having twins shouldn’t really be a clue to a Zazo being the father b/c the having twins “run in the family” is only passed down from mother to daughter – b/c it’s the mom who produces an extra egg, it has nothing to do with the sperm.”

Hi Anon! Thanks for reading my theory.

You definitely could be right about Magda orchestrating all of this. I wouldn’t put it past her–all of the terrible things that have happened to Petra lead back to Magda.

I guess I should’ve done a little more research on twins before posting my theory. But it does make you wonder…what if the writers are still just trying to give us a clue??

…Or maybe it’s Milos’ sperm if Magda’s involved!

…Or it really could be Rafael’s (boring).

Hopefully we’ll find out soon! – Alex Clark

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