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Marcos’s Thoughts On “The Flash/Super-girl Crossover”

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The official announcement of The Flash & Supergirl was something I was really hoping would happen. With the Flash exploring the multiverse and Supergirl still bringing a fresh property,there is alot to work with to make this crossover work. I can easily see them calling Supergirl’s earth something along the lines of Earth 3 or 4.  And it would be interesting seeing Barry in Supergirl’s world and setting. There’s alot of room for jokes like having Barry saying “why does your earth feel like a  Ally McBeal episode?”. Super-girl can greatly benefit from this crossover in the same vain of how Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D did from Winter Solider. Now personally I hope they bring in the writers from the Flash to write this crossover as I feel that show has overall the better staff in term of storytelling. Im also hoping that this event can be use to finally bring in Superman and show us a face. Tom Welling has stated he’s interested to return in the role. But that might be a  bit much for the crossover. Overall Im happy with this choice and crossover but lets hope they really explor the whole concept of the multiverse.


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