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Question: This is a reply, sort of, to Jaimees Scorpion 2×16 Fractured review. 1. You write you were confused about Toby’s behaviour in the ep, towards Walter. Listen to what he tells Walter during the end scene, he explains it himself. That really is the reason why he picked fights and all. 2. I am personally completely with you on the “kind of unbelievable” that the team always saves everyone. Id like Ralphs line “Scorpion never fails” to be proven wrong. At least once. Not saving everyone, every time

Hello reader! First of all I’d like to thank you so much for reading my review and commenting about it! I love interacting with fellow fans! I’m glad you agree with my proposition that maybe Scorpion shouldn’t save everyone all the time. It’s starting to become a hinderance on the show and should they ever decide to write a conflict that Team Scorpion can’t solve, I think it will bring up new personal issues these characters haven’t faced before and more opportunity for relationships and emotions to be tested.

In response to your first point about Toby’s behavior: Believe me, I’ve listened to Walter and Toby’s speeches at the end about a hundred times (this may or may not be because I was watching the Quintis end scene on repeat), so understand that I get what he is saying literally. I get the literal reason why he was self-destructing, and it’s an idea that Toby’s brought up before (think back to 1×20 Crossroads and his talk with Happy). HOWEVER – as far as character motivation, his actions were left pretty unexplained. Where are they hoping to move the Toby/Walter dynamic with this seemingly arbitrary fighting? What is the point?
Toby says that he tends to sabotage his relationships when things get good, but what kind of justification is that for being downright mean to your best friend?

Consider this: Your very good friend walks up to and says “Hey I think your hair looks awful today and you’re a super annoying person a lot of the time.” You’d be pretty taken aback, wondering why they were acting that way, why they were so mad, where this was coming from, and most importantly, if you did anything to them that initiated this anger. So you go ask your friend, and your friend says “Nah man, it wasn’t you, you didn’t do anything. My life is just really perfect right now and I have everything I could ever ask for, so I just thought I should go and mess with your emotions because I’m not used to things being this good.” You would be shocked and confused and kinda angry because that is certainly no excuse for treating your friends poorly. Now imagine you are Walter O’Brien, who has a very difficult time understanding even the most explicit forms of emotions.

In this regard, I don’t understand Toby’s actions. They’re random, aimless, mean, and I don’t think there was ever an intention to give us more explanation than that. Like I said before, Toby is my favorite character and I love him with all my heart, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let actions like that slide. Toby is a very complex character with a lot of mental and emotional obstacles to tackle, and I would really like to see them pinpoint and attack real issues that he has (because there are a lot to work with), and not just make something up that doesn’t even make sense for the sake of character conflict.

I’m sorry this was kind of a lot, but I hope that clears up what I meant in my review when I said I didn’t understand his actions. You can message me via The Game of Nerds, or on my personal Tumblr/Twitter if you have any more questions or just want to discuss the show! Thanks so much! 🙂 – Jaimee

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