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The Shining is one of the best examples of books that are less famous than their film adaptations. Steven King is one of my favorite authors (his early stuff cough cough we don’t speak about ‘Under the Dome’) and The Shining is the pinnacle of his artistic talent. I am not a huge horror buff, in fact, my experience in horror books is pretty limited to none.

The Shining is less, in my opinion, a horror book, than it is a character driven thriller. Though the film counterpart fits that description, and has led the way for many other psychological horror films, the book is a character study. In the book, every character is fully fleshed out and there’s an extreme arc that you see Jack travel through. And though it isn’t a Horror book, that didn’t stop me from never sleeping with it in my room. (That’s right. I left it in the kitchen at night. I don’t need any ghosts in my life no thank you)

The book follows Jack, Wendy, and their extraordinary son, Danny, right after Jack agrees to become a caretaker for a historical and secluded hotel in the Colorado mountains. Danny has powers of his own, called “The Shine”, which allows him to hear people’s thoughts, and see visions of things that will happen. They are shut into the Overlook hotel for months, and as winter closes in on them, their surroundings are not where they seem. Supposedly alone, and yet there’s a woman in room 217, and ghost guests in the elevators. Unlike Jack Nicholson’s character, literary Jack has a likeable side, and a side that you truly sympathize with, as he struggles against his alcoholism, and the demons attempting to control him from within the hotel.

When I read this book, I could barely put it down. King is a master of suspense, mystery, twist, and intrigue. His language is incredibly vivid and extraordinarily

I’d recommend this book if you’re a fan of thrillers, horror, or even character driven novels. It’s a truly epic and astounding book. And much better, in my opinion, than it’s “lesser medium” counterpart. I stand by the idea, that, no matter how good a movie is, or how famous, the book is always, always better.


The Shining by Steven King – 514 pages

Best place to read it: somewhere well lit and warm. Happy place. Happy thoughts.

Favorite quote: 

“Monsters are real. Ghosts are too. They live inside of us, and sometimes, they win.”

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