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The Flash: Potential Energy

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This week’s episode opens with a frightened Barry waking from a nightmare in which Zoom kills Patty Spivot, which sparks the final Patty-Centric romantic angst plotline of the series. With Iris’s instruction, the team’s agreement, and a stern warning from Harry, Barry decides to tell Patty the truth against a background of art thievery, caused by The Turtle, a metahuman with the power to sap everything around him of potential energy, slowing them down. The Turtle is a pretty cool villain, the exact opposite of The Flash, and a thief who only steals that with superlative sentimental value, the character has tons of potential, and I hope we see him again.

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Of course, Barry’s plans with Patty backfire, and in a sudden, emotional reveal, she leaves Central City. Meanwhile, Wally West is being introduced in a West-Family-Centric plotline that simultaneously makes complete sense and none at all. Joe discovers that Wally is in Central City to make money to pay Francine’s hospital bills, and is making it illegally. The scene depicts a desperate young brat who has grown up much too quickly, to be, as he puts it “The man of the house”. This episode demonstrates how far Wally has to come before fulfilling his role as The Flash, in accordance with the comic books.

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