He’s Back!

Hear ye, hear ye! ABC’s delightful musical comedy special Galavant returns for season 2 on January 3rd! Did you miss out on this wild extravaganza last year, or are you a little fuzzy on last season’s events? Never fear! This post is just for you. We’re going to revisit the highlights of last season and imagine what will happen in this one. Let’s get started!

No one could forget that opening number! Did you know that Alan Menken composed the music for Galavant? He also wrote the music for all your favorite Disney movies, so basically, he wrote the soundtrack to your childhood. His brilliant lyrics and music are back this season and we cannot wait to see what he’s come up with!

GIF Source: TGON

Who needs regular monks when you have singing monks? “Weird Al” Yankovic as the leader of these musically inclined postulants was a riot, and rumor is, he’s set to return this season for another round of jazz hands and vows of singing.

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