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The Flash: Legends of Today

Last week’s episode thoroughly blew the minds of thousands of fans. Simultaneously a great crossover, and a not-so-subtle introduction to The CW’s highly-anticipated new series: Legends of Tomorrow.

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The action begins with the introduction of Vandal Savage, who, after establishing his masterful knife-throwing skills, crashes Cisco and Kendra’s date, calling for her blood. Upon further investigation, the Flash team realizes that Vandal Savage’s powers are mystic and have no scientific explanation. The team seeks help from their friends at Starling City, leaving Caitlin, Joe, Wells, and Patty, behind.

One of the highlights of this episode is the little get-together the characters have, to catch up with each other. This scene fits perfectly into the plot both as comic relief, and as the precursor to an epic battle between Savage and the heroes (Savage is apparently obsessed with crashing parties). In this scene, the characters demonstrate a perfectly-balanced atmosphere; with Cisco and Barry’s charming, eccentric personalities brightening up the ever-serious mood on Arrow. And the battle, I mean, it was just a crazy montage of a badass villain being a badass villain, what more could you want?

The main plotline focuses on Kendra, and her role as Hawkgirl. Just as Cisco vibed, she can sprout wings and fly, but it takes the appearance of Hawkman, who explains their past lives, and the reason Savage is after them. Oh, and, happens to reveal the fact that Hawkgirl is his soulmate, making everything sad and awkward for Cisco.

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Back in Central City, we are met with the introduction of Velocity 6, a super-serum redeveloped (on Earth1) by Caitlin and Wells. Velocity 6 promises to increase the presence of the Speed Force in an individual, thus allowing Barry to run as fast as Zoom. Jay opposes the idea completely, but, in a shocking turn of events, takes it to save Doctor Wells.

All in all, Legends of Today surpassed my expectations completely, and was a great way to seamlessly kick-start Legends of Tomorrow, which, after seeing this, I can’t wait for.

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