“Murder, Mystery, Mayhem…and more Murder” Season 2, Episode 1 Recap of HTGAWM’s “It’s Time to Move On”

For we fans of HTGAWM, it’s been a long, dry 7 month hellatus without seeing EMMY WINNING ACTRESS VIOLA DAVIS (pardon me while I shout THAT from the rooftops) on our screens weekly. For the students of Annalise Keating, it’s been a scant 10 days since the events of last season’s finale took place. They have questions, they have no answers and it comes to a head with one word: “PASS.”

Wes (Alfred Enoch) flops into Annalise’s class late and refuses to answer her inquiry on a hypothetical question. Not just refuses, he outright disrespects her with an indignant attitude. It’s a classic play on a mother-son argument cleverly transferred onto these two. Annalise’s maternal instincts seem to manifest toward Wes. The dynamic will surely surface later this season.

The interns honestly feel like a dysfunctional, functioning family. From Laurel and Michaela’s (Karla Souza and Ana Naomi King) childish bickering (the mimicry took me back to my younger sister doing the same thing to me) to Asher (Matt McGorry) actually believing he and Bonnie (Liza Weil) were being inconspicuous in their hookups. We haven’t even touched on the nonsense of Connor (Jack Falahee) moving into his boyfriend’s home…without asking.

Yes, these interns are a messy bunch. But they’re led by the queen of “fake it til you make it,” Annalise. She exudes a power that’s undeniable but falls to pieces-gracefully of course-when her ex-friend Eve comes to town (lovely to see you Famke Janssen). All the while the bearded wonder Frank, keeps a careful (suspicious) eye on everyone.


The episode is flying and there’s no indication of Rebecca’s killer. The list of suspects is much more finite than with Liza’s murder in season 1 but that only seems to heighten the viewer’s anxiety. Had I placed cash money on whom offed Rebecca, I would be one broke cookie. Did anyone see the quietest, tiniest person in the room doing such a dastardly deed?


The explosiveness of the premiere rocked my world and setup some interesting scenarios for the rest of season two. They drop the bombshell that Annalise and Eve were a couple in law school and the craziest upcoming scene of all…2 Months Later: Annalise, laid out, gut shot and bleeding. Whoa.

Best lines of the night:

“Freakin’ dumb ass, Asher” (Asher to himself)
“I won’t be mad if you did it; I’ll just be mad that you lied” (Annalise to Frank)

Best Fashion:

Annalise in the black swing coat (Gimme!)

Join me for next week’s livetweet at 10PM PST. I’ll be using #HTGAWMNerdom again.


Author: Tiffany

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