Sleepy Hollow Television


So, what do we want to see in
season three?

Abbie and Ichabod. Now what I’ve
loved about this show is the fact that Abbie and Ichabod are just friends and
there has never been any romantic involvements between the two of them and I
think it will take Ichabod a good long while to get over Katrina, if he ever
will so I’m not saying I necessarily want to see them together, I’m happy with
that as it is but I want to see more levels of their friendship.

Ichabod’s 21st Century
Shenanigans. I think we can all agree they are hilarious. From the voting
machines to the motorbike to the cellphones to the videogames. I can’t wait to
find out what he has to learn this season.

The traveling! This show is built for
a good time travelling element. I can’t wait for another trip back in time and
perhaps this time Ichabod and Abbie will be time travelling together?

A new villain. From what Grace
Dixon told Abbie during the finale, we know there’s a much darker evil coming
their way and more battles to fight but what are those battles and what evil?
Another demon? Will we see more of the witches or something else entirely? I
for one can’t wait.

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